Positioned at the heart of the renewal of circus arts, Cirque De Monte Carlo has been creating moving performances filled with magic since 2011. Continually striving for artistic perfection, it is one of the leaders in contemporary circus arts. Based on the multidisciplinary talents of its artists, Cirque De Monte Carlo expresses its innovative nature through theatricality and humanity, and combines circus arts with music, dance and theatre in a path-breaking and original manner.

Cirque De Monte Carlo develops custom made concepts for international special events. Add some of Cirque De Monte Carlo creativity, audacity and festive spirit to your events. held anywhere around the world, our team will transform your receptions into memorable, magical events. With more than 200 special events planned and 5 years of touring around the world, we can say that our technical and logistical expertise rival no other and will make your event truly special.

Cirque De Monte Carlo’s  creative studio is located in Monte Carlo, Monaco – home of the most prestigious circus festival in the world – Monte Carlo circus festival. The training studios are located in Monte Carlo, Vienna, Budapest and Paris. Company includes more than 100 individuals working in various teams and projects.